Real-time Emergency Response Using Semantic Web Technology
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  Bart van Leeuwen   Bart van Leeuwen
Software Architect/Firefighter


Tuesday, June 5, 2012
08:45 AM - 10:00 AM
Level:  Case Study

Location:  Grand Ballroom A

The incidents that Fire Fighters are being dispatched to are by nature unpredictable. This means that their information demand will change from occasion to occasion and timely as well. started developing and deploying small scale Semantic Technology based solutions at Fire Department Amsterdam-Amstelland. The agile nature of the Semantic Web allowed to create simple solutions to answer the questions that were really asked by the operational personnel. Today more than 15 Fire Stations in the greater Amsterdam area use real time Linked Open Data to supply their Fire Fighters with information. Started with small operational questions, development is slowly moving towards meeting the national paradigm shift on public fire safety.

This endeavor has not been unnoticed and resulted in national and international partnerships to promote and implement the ideas outside Amsterdam as well.

The presentation covers:

• The motivations, problems and actual solutions
• The external data sets used
• A real time view inside the operations of Fire Department Amsterdam
• Firebrary, national initiative to have URIs for all terminology (maybe use "vocabulary" here as well)
• Linked Open Data with Kasabi
• National and international partnerships

Bart van Leeuwen has been the owner of for 17 years. He has a lot of experience in "outside the box" thinking to help his customers get to the right solution. For Bart, technology is never the answer to business questions. Technology is an enabler, and should be treated as such. He has a lot of experience with Data management solutions like Lotus Notes, DB2, Postgres and their integration tools. Bart is also a professional fire fighter at Fire-department Amsterdam-Amstelland where his field experience combined with technological background resulted in ground breaking innovations on operational information delivery.

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