Implementing a Data Quality Program in the Healthcare Management Sector
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  Karen Way   Karen A Way
Director, Data Quality
Health Dialog Services Corporation


Wednesday, June 27, 2012
01:15 PM - 02:05 PM

Level:  Case Study

All production processes require raw materials. In the healthcare management sector, one of the largest materials that go into the delivery of products and services is data. Health Dialog, a healthcare analytics and decision support company, bases their business on reliable data. Data must be managed as an asset so as to minimize the inherent risks of decreasing the value of the goods and services provided. In this presentation, you will see the research, methodology and process that were used by Health Dialog to implement a data quality program. This program is now staffed by a dedicated team to provide independent oversight of corporate data assets, resulting in cost savings to the Health Dialog. This presentation incorporates many references to leaders in Data Quality from the research that was conducted. As a result, this presentation provides a broad, but solid, foundation for attendees at any level. Topics covered in this session include: · Research conducted to support the need for a Data Quality program · Project Approach and Methodology – including a step by step review of implementation project · Managing the Change · Measures of Success

Karen Way is the Director of Data Quality at Health Dialog, a firm specializing in healthcare analytics and decision support. She developed the business case supporting the need for a data quality team at Health Dialog; this business case became a strategic initiative for the company in 2009. Karen then led the project team to complete this initiative with the team launch occurring in July 2009. Her experience with this project was the basis for her thesis, for which she was awarded her Master’s in Healthcare Administration.   For more than eighteen years, Karen has led various data management and/or information technology initiatives; including data intake & knowledge management, data warehousing development and client deliverables management. As Karen has recognized that data quality and governance provides the foundation for services and products which utilize the data, these concepts have been of high importance in her work.

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