Data Governance In Action - Building an Enterprise Data Strategy Collaboratively
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  Kira Chuchom   Kira Chuchom
Founder and President
True Data Value, LLC


Tuesday, June 26, 2012
02:40 PM - 03:30 PM

Level:  Intermediate

Data Governance In Action - Building an Enterprise Data Strategy Collaboratively: real-world example of how “big G” Data Governance can play a key role in developing an enterprise-wide Data Strategy

Discussion Topics include:
• Understanding your Data Ecosystem
• Active Listening - Soliciting Input/Feedback
• Identifying Key Focus Areas (Data Quality, Data Access, Metadata, etc…)
• Mapping to People, Process and Technology
• Leveraging “big G” Data Governance Techniques
• Strategic Impacts (Data Architecture, Data Management Practices, etc…)
• Business and IT Considerations
• Roadmap Alignment, Success Criteria and Metrics

Kira Chuchom, Data Management Strategist, Data Evangelist and Data Governance Thought Leader, is Founder and President of True Data Value, LLC, provider of leadership guidance, targeted training and consulting services in Strategic Data Management, Data Governance, Data Strategy Development and Data Quality Improvement. Previously, Kira headed up Data Governance and Compliancy at Microsoft, Strategic Data Architecture, Governance and Integration at Kaiser Permanente, Enterprise Data Quality and Data Governance at Cisco Systems, Product Data Management and Data Warehousing at eBay, Data Decision Support at Rainmaker Systems, Data Architecture, Metadata and Data-based Publishing Solutions at CMP Media. Kira is a seasoned business-savvy, technically-proficient data professional with real-world experience and expertise across disciplines: EIM, Data Strategy, Data Governance, Data Quality, MDM, BI/Data Analytics, Data Architecture, EDW, Data Modeling, Metadata, Data Products Design.

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