AP Metadata Services
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  Amy Sweigert   Amy Sweigert
Vice President of Information Management
The Associated Press


Wednesday, June 6, 2012
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Level:  Product/Service Offering

Location:  Yosemite A

With the introduction of AP Metadata Services, the Associated Press is offering a standardized AP News Taxonomy, which in combination with the AP Tagging Service enables the automated creation of rich, semantic metadata. This metadata enables content publishers to improve their connection with readers by increasing content relevance and generating new, targeted products and services, while also increasing editorial efficiencies. These services are built on standard Semantic Web technologies, and lay a foundation for the next generation of content delivery.

Amy Sweigert joined the Associated Press as Director of Information Management in 2006, where she manages a group that works on defining and implementing metadata standards to improve AP's ability to manage and deliver content to members and customers. Prior to joining the AP, Sweigert spent 5 years at Microsoft, where she was a taxonomist, building the corporate taxonomy and content and metadata standards. Sweigert was also a photo researcher and cataloger at Corbis. Sweigert is a graduate of Stanford University and holds a master of library and information science from the University of Washington.

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