Information Quality 101
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  Daragh O Brien   Daragh O Brien
Managing Director
Castlebridge Associates


Monday, June 25, 2012
08:30 AM - 11:45 AM

Level:  Introductory

Congratulations! You’ve been assigned to the Information quality program or have been asked to lead it. You’ve been told it is a great career opportunity and essential to the success of the organisation in these challenging times. But what is information quality exactly? What will you be required to do? What skills will you need to learn and apply? Is it just a technology challenge? Will data cleansing tools and processes get you the results you need? How will you explain what you do to others? This tutorial presents an overview of information Quality Management (IQM). We also discuss the basic principles of Information Quality and the key tools and techniques that are common to successful IQ methodologies. You will learn:
• The fundamental principles and core components of IQM
• How to develop an information quality strategy
• Insights into how Information Quality integrates with and supports a wide range of other Enterprise goals, from BI to MDM, to Governance.
• Relationship between IQM and Data Governance, Privacy, Regulatory Compliance etc.
• Key success factors of successful IQ initiatives Join this interactive session to add new vigour and direction to your information quality program!

Daragh O Brien IQCP, is a leading Information Quality, Information Governance, and Data Privacy consultant, teacher, and author. He spent a decade with Ireland's leading telecoms company in CRM and Regulatory Ops roles and now advises leading organisations in Ireland, UK, and elsewhere on "Connect the Dots" approaches to Information. Daragh is a former Director of the IAIDQ, and is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society. He is also Global Privacy Officer for DAMA International.

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