Vocabulary Management and Content Management, Getting More than the Sum of the Parts
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  Scott Henninger   Scott Henninger
Platform Product Manager
TopQuadrant, Inc.


Monday, June 4, 2012
05:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Level:  Business/Strategic

Location:  Imperial A

Content Management Systems have been used to provide authoring, collaboration, access control and other workflow and administrative aspects of building content for enterprises and websites. These systems focus on managing content, and have little to offer for structured relationships between content pieces other than hyperlinks. On the other hand, vocabulary management systems excel at managing relationships between terms, but are not optimized for the kinds of performance requirements expected of a CMS.

The presentation will discuss tools and strategies for integrating CMS's and semantic-based vocabulary management that can provide rich relationships to enrich content within desired performance constraints. The presentation will briefly outline:
• Issues involved in content management and vocabulary management
• How semantic-based vocabularies and ontologies can enhance content
• Integration of CMS's and vocabulary servers through RESTful Web services
• Architectures and workflows for managing and deploying vocabularies

Dr. Scott Henninger is the Platform Product Manager at TopQuadrant where he is responsible for product development and support for the TopBraid Suite. Leveraging his specialties in information retrieval and technology development and bringing over a decade of experience in technology education, Scott has contributed to the design and delivery of TopQuadrant’s highly successful training series for over two years. Before joining TopQuadrant, Scott was a professor of Computer Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he spent 15 years researching and teaching advanced Web-based technologies, software engineering and human-computer interaction. He holds a PhD in Computer Science specializing in Information Retrieval, Software Engineering and Cognitive Science from the University of Colorado-Boulder

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