Practical Lessons in Developing an Enterprise-Wide Semantic Application
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    Craig Hanson
Director, New Products, Vision and architecture


Wednesday, June 6, 2012
04:30 PM - 05:15 PM
Level:  Case Study
Practical Experience

Location:  Imperial A

This presentation will examine the practical applications and approaches to bring the power of semantics into a real-time, enterprise-wide application. Explore the tradeoffs needed to make a real-time, enterprise semantic application scale for large implementation. Understand the common mistakes in deploying semantics in an enterprise class application.

The architecture of a real-world semantic platform in the telecom industry is used as a background of discussion. The architect himself will describe the complex issues tackled in bringing this platform and its real-time semantic applications to life.

Craig Hanson came to Amdocs with the acquisition of DST Innovis in July of 2005. Mr. Hanson joined DST Innovis in 1987 and has held a variety of positions Including CTO and VP vice president of the Advanced Technologies. Mr. Hanson is currently responsible for vision, architecture and implementation of new products in Amdocs. His current focus is Intelligent decision engines leveraging semantic technology to create smart applications. Considered a computer industry expert in software architecture and system scalability, Mr. Hanson has published papers regarding Broadband Data Services, Building Web Applications, Human Factors, and Software Performance, and he has been a speaker at several middleware and technology conferences. He was a recipient of the William J. Mullen award for his technical presentation skills. Mr. Hanson has done keynote speeches on technology trends. Mr. Hanson graduated with honors from Buena Vista University and was twice selected as NCAA Academic All American.

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