Future Directions in Social Search and Analytics at IBM
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    Bob Foyle
Sr. Product Manager - Content Search and Analytics


Wednesday, June 6, 2012
11:15 AM - 11:45 AM
Level:  Technical - Intermediate

Location:  Imperial B

Search applications can be greatly enhanced when they incorporate relationships between the query, the content and the people analyzing information and the content itself. Come see and discuss a proof of technology that integrates IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search and Social Networks and Discovery (SaND). SaND is a social analytics and discovery framework over enterprise data which aggregates social information from various sources across the enterprise and extracts relationships between documents, people and tags. We will show you how these future capabilities will enable querying of people, content and relationships to exploit use cases such as expertise location, social discovery, recommendations and more.

Bob Foyle is a Senior Product Manager on the IBM Content Analytics and Enterprise Search and IBM Content and Predictive Analytics products with over 15 years of enterprise software product experience. Specializing in Analytics and Search for the last several years, Bob has the detailed background to provide insight in the areas of Text Analytics, Natural Language Processing, UIMA and content classification.

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