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Onototext is a leading semantic software developer, offering the OWLIM database and platforms for semantic search, web mining, LINKED DATA MANAGEMENT and manual CONTENT annotation.  Ontotext provides professional services for text mining and semantic data integration; it has continuously growing network of partners, resellers and customers.

IBM is the clear industry leader in the fast growing Enterprise Content Management market with more software capabilities and the largest business partner network to help clients enhance, transform and optimize their content and processes and differentiate their organizations from the competition. With IBM’s innovative vision, it is no wonder that the world's largest companies have selected IBM as their ECM solution partner.

Revelytix provides a complete, semantic-based, integration and analytical fabric capable of operating over vastly distributed data with ease and scale. This new paradigm in knowledge management, a Distributed Information Management System (DIMS), provides the ability to locate, access, understand, and manage all enterprise data stores. DIMS enables companies to retrieve and analyze any combination of data, regardless of location - functionality desired for nearly 20 years and now available from Revelytix.

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Be Informed is an internationally operating, independent software vendor. The Be Informed business process platform supports administrative processes, which are becoming increasingly knowledge-intensive. Thanks to Be Informed's unique approach to dynamic case management, the next wave after business process management, organizations using Be Informed often report cost savings of tens of percents. Further benefits include a much higher straight-through processing rate leading to vastly improved productivity, and a reduction in time-to-change from months to days.

Cambridge Semantics Inc. is the leading provider of semantic data management software for the enterprise. Enterprises face an increasing need to rapidly act on data from diverse sources both from within and across organizational boundaries. Our Anzo software lets business users search for, virtualize, analyze, act on, and make decisions with any internal or external, structured or unstructured data. Based on the revolutionary flexibility of Semantic Web technology standards, Anzo provides unprecedented ease-of-use, speed of implementation, and operational business process integration for just about any formal or informal business activity. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies in the Life Sciences, Financial Services, Energy, Media & Communications, and other markets. More information about the company can be found at

Elsevier is a world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services. Elsevier's SciVerse suite of search and discovery offerings includes SciVerse ScienceDirect, the world’s largest source of peer-reviewed content containing more than 10 million articles, and SciVerse Scopus, an abstract and citation database containing 41 million records, 70% with abstracts and nearly 18,000 titles from 5,000 publishers worldwide. Elsevier recently launched SciVerse Applications and Developer Network that allows the scientific community to build, find and use applications that enhance the SciVerse research experience.

fluid Operations™ (fluidOps) is a young, innovative software company headquartered in Walldorf, Germany. Its focus lies on the research and development of novel technologies for intelligent cloud and data management in the enterprise. With the Information Workbench™, fluidOps delivers a highly customizable platform for Linked Data and Big Data management and solution development. This includes support for the semantic integration of heterogeneous data sources across the borders of individual domains, collaborative knowledge acquisition and augmentation, semantic search, business intelligence and analytics, as well as data visualization and exploration. For more information about fluidOps and its products and solutions.

Orbis Technologies is an established leader in delivering semantic applications and highly specialized cloud analytics to the DoD and Fortune 50 companies. The firm has developed solutions and services associated with SOA, semantic technology, cloud computing, advanced cloud analytics, semantic search, and enterprise information fusion. With core competencies in semantic technology, and Natural Language Processing, Orbis’ technologists have a broad set of capabilities, including: advanced technology development, and advanced systems architecture and systems engineering support.

PoolParty product family supports scenarios relevant for enterprise information management. Metadata management based on the open Semantic Web standard SKOS, semantic enterprise search & highly perfomant text mining and data integration based on linked data technologies. PoolParty's APIs allow integration of semantic technologies with other systems like CMS, DMS, web shops or collaboration software like Confluence or Sharepoint.

Profium improves its clients competitiveness and creates them new business opportunities with Semantic technology based software products. Profium customers include media companies, telecom operators and public sector organizations. One of the biggest news agencies in the world, AFP, delivers fast, accurate, in-depth news from every corner of the world, 24/7 with Profium software. Meet us at booth 213!

TopQuadrant’s solutions enable meaningful interactions between people, applications and data. Intelligent business capabilities and integrated big data depend on information and systems becoming interoperable semantic assets. TopQuadrant delivers semantic assets by (i) removing ambiguity from vocabularies and data (ii) aggregating, correlating and transforming information (iii) harmonizing exchanges between different systems. Using TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net and TopBraid Suite solutions, information landscapes are progressively transformed into semantic ecosystems. Organizations benefit from the value of coherent ‘clouds’ of information, without impacting legacy data and applications.

YarcData’s cost-effective graph data appliance transforms Big Data into business insight... instantly. Combining Cray's high-performance technology with open source software, advanced inferencing, and unmatched scalability enables discovery of hidden or unknown relationships and patterns in dynamically changing structured and unstructured data... all in real time.

Expert System is the semantic software company that specializes in helping organizations gain insight and intelligence from information. The patented, award-winning Cogito® semantic technology is at the heart of all Expert System products, powering solutions that, by increasing effectiveness in acquiring, transforming and interpreting text-based information, unlock the value of big data for better decision making. Worldwide customers include Chevron, Eni Group, ANSA, Telecom Italia, Microsoft and Raytheon.

Franz Inc. is an innovative technology company with expert knowledge in developing and deploying Semantic Web solutions. AllegroGraph, Franz's high-performance, scalable, disk-based RDF Database, provides the solid storage layer for powerful geotemporal reasoning, social network analytics and ontology modeling capabilities for today's Semantic Technology applications. Franz's products and services are uniquely positioned to help bring your Web 3.0 ideas to reality.

Fynydd is socially conscious high tech. Fynydd defines "socially conscious" as creating innovative solutions that help connect people with the knowledge they need everyday. How people act and react to information, are all interconnected, therefore, social. Fynydd is a master design and development company. Our solutions include innovative semi-custom/custom applications, creative web design, data mining and analytics, intuitive user interfaces, managed search optimization, mobile applications and forward looking strategies that allow for future flexibility.

The company iQser enables smart information logistics to provide relevant information instantly in the people’s activity context without the need of search. Its product GIN Server is the semantic platform for highly efficient data integration and fully automized analysis. The underlying technology recognizes autonomously interrelationships and meaning in any distributed data and unveils hidden information and business critical knowledge. Visit the live demo at the booth and the conference presentation about a real life case study.

With an established a reputation for turning innovative research results into state-of-the-art commercial products, KBSI’s JackalFish® focuses on evolving corporate information into actionable knowledge through enterprise semantic search.  KBSI’s ModelMosaic® provides an automated way to develop ontologies from knowledge artifacts, allowing you to manage, share and archive.  Come by to see how KBSI can help you navigate the world of semantics.

Morgan & Claypool is the publisher of Synthesis Lectures on the Semantic Web: Theory and Application edited by James Hendler of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Ying Ding of Indiana University. This innovative digital and print book series is devoted to the new technologies of the Semantic Web, the principles by which those technologies work, and the best practices for assembling systems that integrate the different languages, resources, and functionalities that will be important in keeping the Web the rapidly expanding, and constantly changing, information space that has changed our lives.  On display will be the first title in the series: "Linked Data: Evolving the Web into a Global Data Space" by Tom Heath and Christian Bizer as well as advanced information on forthcoming titles by Brian Sletten, John Sowa, Jie Tang, Katy Borner, Mike Conlon and others. We're interested in talking with prospective authors.

Search as a transaction is quickly becoming a thing of the past. PureDiscovery is leading the way into the future with BrainSpace, a post-search environment in which people and things are persistently and intelligently connected. BrainSpace is powering a knowledge revolution, drawing meaning from Big Data and creating a collective intelligence more brilliant than the sum of its parts. PureDiscovery is everyone and everything intelligently connected.

SindiceTech specializes in "Big Data" infrastructure that deal with semistructured, semantic data. Our goal is enabling your business to build its private, strategic "Linked Data Clouds" where information sources can be added in a "pay as you go fashion" and with no concern for size. Ultimately, our technology enables a direct relationship between domain expert and data integration process, something unknown in traditional, "IT department driven" data warehousing processes. SindiceTech is the maker of, the Web of Data search engine providing search and analysis over more than 50 billion triples of live web data.  SindiceTech solutions include SIREn, an extension to Lucene/SOLr providing unparalleled semi-structured and semantic data search capabilities.

SkyTECH Solutions provides IT consultancy services and develops niche software solutions for industry and government across different functional areas and technology platforms.  Incorporated as a joint venture between United Airlines, the largest worldwide airline, and The Chatterjee Group (TCG), a US-based investment firm, SkyTECH is an established player in the airline and airport IT domain. SkyTECH believes in building value-enhancing relationships with its clients, strengthening their competitive advantage and helping them translate brand equity into value for their stakeholders.  Our Global IT Delivery Model provides high quality cost-effective solutions that directly impact the bottom-line and enhance operational efficiency for clients.

Stardog is a fast, lightweight, and featureful RDF database. It uses SPARQL for queries; OWL for reasoning; and pure Java for Enterprise integration. Download it at

SYSTAP, LCC offers support, commercial licensing, and integration services for bigdata®, an open-source, pure-Java, horizontally-scaled RDF database capable of scaling to billions of triples or quads and supporting native RDFS Plus inference.  SYSTAP was founded in 2006 by principals Bryan Thompson and Mike Personick, experts in database and Semantic Web technologies, who remain the principal owners today.  SYSTAP serves small and large enterprises across a variety of industries, including telecommunications, network storage, health care, manufacturing, and the U.S. DoD.

Tom Sawyer Software is the leading provider of enterprise software and services that enable organizations to build highly scalable and flexible data visualization and social network analysis applications. These applications are used to discover hidden patterns, complex relationships, and key trends in large and diverse data sets. Tom Sawyer Software products are used by enterprises and governments to maximize their data assets in order to make more informed and timely decisions.




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